Certificate Course of University Academic & Administrative Officers

Purpose of the Course

The specialist in University Academic & Administrative Officers program is a flexible post-doctorate certificate course which allows professionals to focus in depth on a roles and responsibilities of Administrative officers in universities. The specialist degree can be a means of updating knowledge in a given area or of repositioning oneself in the labor market. This course allows professionals to customize their skills and qualities depending on their goals.

Course Information

Course Coordinator : Capt (Dr) Nitin P Sonaje

Program URL www.onlineresearch.in 
Campus Online
Program Type Certificate
Award Conferred Certificate
Languages In English (Programme materials and the online classroom)

Course Outcomes

  • To become competent and committed professionals willing to perform the identified tasks.
  • To develop highly skilled scholars in the field of university academic administrators.
  • To develop critical awareness about the university responsibilities.
  • The objective of this course is to provide professionals with a supervised professional experience.
  • To develop Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills
  • To develop effective communication skills, presentation skills and become self confident individuals
  • To develop all round personality with matured outlook to function effectively
  • To develop career plans, evaluate employment potential, and identify the organization to get good placement, match job requirements and skill sets.

Course Requirements

In order to take this course scholars must:

  • Have access to a computer.
  • Have continuous broadband Internet access.
  • Have the ability/permission to install plug-ins or software (e.g., Adobe Reader or Flash).
  • Have the ability to download and save files and documents to a computer.
  • Have the ability to open Microsoft files and documents (.doc, .ppt, .xls, etc.).
  • be competent in the English language.

Course Eligibility

  • Education Prerequisites :

    It requires a doctorate awarded. Applicants need to ensure they have regular access to a computer with Internet access, and be familiar in word processing, the web, and email.

  • Professional Prerequisites :

    This certificate is designed to help academic administrative officers update their skill set, so licensure as a Dean, Registrar or other higher administrative post and a certain amount of work experience may be required.

Course Duration & Fees

Duration : Duration will be of 3 months.

Course Fees : Course fee is for Indian Rs.5000/- and 100 USD for Overseas Professionals.

Subject Content

  1. Development in University
    • Student Development Programs
    • curriculum development
    • Proposal Development & Submission
    • Budget Development
    • Proposal Planning & Development
  2. Duties & Responsibilities of Administrative Officers
    • Plan and teach university courses
    • Participate in university governance
    • Organizing and co-ordinating curriculum and course schedules
    • Serves as the chief administrative and academic officer
    • Provides leadership in recruiting and developing a quality faculty
    • Supervises the overall operations of the College
  3. Functions And Planning of Administrative Officers
    • Authority and Functions of the Faculty Senate
    • Academic strategic planning
    • Campaign planning
  4. Roles of University Administrative Officers
    • Role of Advising
    • Emerging and Future Faculty Roles
    • Leadership roles
    • The role of innovation in education and development
    • Administrative role
    • The Role of Faculty
  5. Skills to develop for University Administrative Officers
    • To develop Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills
    • Improve your skills for data collection and project management
    • Excellent supervisory, organizational and training skills.
    • Excellent communication and presentations skills.
    • IT skills including word processing, spreadsheets, databases and internet research.
    • Time management and task prioritisation.
    • A demonstrable interest in the education sector.
    • Critical thinking skills.
    • Communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Strong communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

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