Online Course on Research Methodology (For Ph. D. Guides)

Purpose of the Course

The Online Course on Research Methodology (for Ph.D. Guides) is introduced for the PhD holder to guide the students about research methodologies frequently used in the social sciences. It is important that you are able not only to identify the techniques used by others but also apply them yourself. The course is designed to provide you with the foundation you will need to apply certain techniques in the search for your own answers.

Course Information

Course Coordinator: Dr. Rakesh Pillai

The course will begin with an overview of steps in research process while conducting research then we will go over Guidelines for research scholar, learning how to evaluate thesis and how to review an article. It also includes the brief descriptive methods of evaluation and learning how to write a referee report. By the end of this course, you should understand why research methodology is important in scientific research, be comfortable with reading methods and results sections of journal articles, and understand a range of different research methods.

Course Outcomes

  • Define research and describe the research process and research methods
  • Know how to apply the basic aspects of the research process in order to plan and execute a research project
  • Able to write referee Report
  • Review an article
  • Evaluate thesis
  • Design qualitative and quantitative research to solve real-world problems
  • Identify appropriate statistical analyses for various research designs
  • Develop new scientific tools, concepts and theories to solve and understand scientific and non-scientific problems
  • Describe the parts of a research report

Course Requirements

  • Have access to a computer
  • Have continuous broadband Internet access
  • Have the ability/permission to install plug-ins or software (e.g., Adobe Reader or Flash)
  • Have the ability to download and save files and documents to a computer
  • Have the ability to open Microsoft files and documents (.doc, .ppt, .xls, etc.)
  • Be competent in the English language

Course Eligibility

  • A person having doctorate degree in any faculty.

Course Duration & Fees

Duration : Duration will be of 3 months.

Course Fees :

Course fee is for Indian Rs.5000/- and 100 USD for Overseas Professionals.

Subject Content

  1. Steps in Research Process
    1. Identify the Problem
    2. Review the Literature
    3. Clarify the Problem
    4. Clearly Define Terms and Concepts
    5. Define the Population
    6. Develop the Instrumentation Plan
    7. Collect Data
    8. Analyze the Data
  2. Guidelines to Ph.D. guides
    1. Roles & responsibilities of guide
    2. How to evaluate thesis
    3. Guidance to research scholar
    4. How to evaluate research work of scholar
    5. Suggesting topics for thesis
    6. Guidelines for article review
  3. Thesis Evaluation
    1. Method or Procedure of Evaluation
    2. Critical analysis of Literature and/or data
    3. Presentation of Information and/or data
    4. Oral Defense
    5. How to write referee report
    6. Ethical relevance

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