Fees Refund Policy

If you are planning to drop or withdraw from an online research course, please carefully read the following important information about the correct required procedures and the potential impact on your academic history and financial aid.

Requesting a Refund

Requests for refunds for all courses must be in writing. Refunds are granted in accordance with online research course. Refunds are based on assessed tuition, course fees, and mandatory fees, and are calculated from the date you officially drop, withdraw, or cancel your registration or reduce your class load, not the last date of class attendance.

Dropping a Course

A drop removes the course from your record. If you drop the course before the course begins, you will receive a refund, excluding deduction tax charges. If you drop a class after the course has started for an online research course, you will be charged a 50%, excluding deduction tax charges.

Drop/Withdrawal Process :

  • Verbal requests to be dropped or withdrawn from a class are NOT accepted
  • Written requests to be dropped or withdrawn can be sent via e-mail onlineresearch2014@gmail.com to the Online Research Center where the course is being offered.


If you do not DROP or WITHDRAW from a course and simply stop attending and submitting assignments and tutorials you will receive credit points of “__” for the course.