5 Way to Make Money As A Teenager Online (Zero Investment)

Hey in this Article I’ll tell you 5 Different Ways through which you can “make money online” as a teen-ager in India and don’t worry I’ll not gonna force you to be a Instagram influencers or to do online survey let it be in this type of work either need to work hard or either you’ll paid less for your hard work. So don’t worry I’ll tell you 5 best legit way to make money as a teen-ager.

5 Way to Make Money As A Teenager Online (Zero Investment)

Let’s begin the ideas which I’ll tell you that’s not like high paying but not that much low also it’s just a decent amount & that better at place of empty amount.

5 Best Ideas to Make Money Online

1. Review & Testing Website

Review & Testing Website opshyyy.. wait a second what review and testing website, you might thinking that you’re a teen-ager & where you’ll find website for review and you might don’t know coding too but don’t worry i’m not talking about that technical or coding work. At this time there is many online platform i.e try my ui, user testing, that actually pay there user for review random verities of website.
So basically what happened is they show a random website and they say to analyse different-different pages and record your own audio and to praise that you like this page or color of site is not good or website is slow, interface is not good. So basically you have to give a spoken review of that particular website or app which were given by above platform.
Let’s break it in domestic ways for better understanding, so what if you order something online like Zomato you give a particular review for that particular item’s you order like you love there service and food too similarly you have to give review of website and app & they pay around $10 within 20 minutes basically ₹700 in indian Rupees.

2. Sell Your Notes

Sell your notes
Are you a teen-ager I’m guessing most probably you’re in school & probably you have made notes whether it is handwritten or typed notes. And some schools students they regularly make there notes & some students like me don’t make there notes, and what’s notes are most valuable in exam time & they ask note from topper students. So if you are one of a topper students who make there notes neat and clean, who helped student like me. Here is the key point actually you can sell your notes online.
What you need to do is make your notes E-book. If you have soft copy, if you have typed notes on word or anywhere, then you can create e-book very easily but if you have handwriting notes then you can scan it and make a digital copy and make E-book. But you feel that I will make e-book, but who will buy my e-book, who will take ₹200 – ₹300 e-book.
So don’t worry you will not sell your e-book for ₹200 – ₹300 if you make your e-book and list it on Amazon and you sell only ₹ 25 – ₹ 30 per e-book, how small is the amount in ₹ 25 – ₹ 30  So anyone will give if your notes are good to buy, and you sell this decent 1000 – 2000 people only and it is not a big deal to sell e-book to 1000 – 2000 people on Amzone, in this way you can easily earn ₹ 20k by only selling the e-book to 1000 people.

3. Become A Language Tutor

5 Way to Make Money As A Teenager Online (Zero Investment)
So I’m pretty sure any of you people know how to speak any language or English, Hindi and everyone knows Hindi.  You can actually earn money by teaching people online languages.
And at this time there are many websites like italki, verbling where you can register as a tutor and provide such tutoring on per hours basis.
verbling english tutor
So for example, I have opened verbling and I have searched the English language and you can see that this lady is taking about ₹ 2000 to teach English just for 1 hour session, The point is if you are a  teenager and know many language and have ideas to teach other so you can try verbling if you tech a person and charge only ₹300 to ₹400 for 1 hour you will earn ₹9k to ₹12k per month.

4. Selling Your Photos Online

500px sell your photo online
In this digital era everyone have a better quality camera phone.  I’m sure that you have capture alot of unique and creative photos of environment of public captured and it also seems that you love photography, photography doesn’t mean that you have a DSLR and it’s only a professional photography.
For those of you who are interested in mobile photographers, you can sell your photos online.  At present, there are many platforms online such as adobe stock, shutterstock, 500px where photographers upload their photos and the people who want to buy pay on per download bases.
So if you have 100 – 200 photos that you have captured, then you can upload all those photos on these platforms right now.  And whenever you capture photos in future, you keep uploading them on these platforms.  And slowly like people will like your photo then they will start paying you on per download bases.

5. Become a Transcribe

Become a Transcribe
Transcribe means Speech to Text, if you have an audio file or a video file, then you convert that audio or video file into text, what is said in it, you do it in written form and this is called Transcribe.  Huh
And then many variation come in this also you can do translation job also let’s suppose if there is a Hindi video and want to add english caption to it then you can do hindi video in english, it is completely different job known h video captioning  through which you can earn online.  And best part of it is you doesn’t need any qualification for it.  You can do this job if you know a language properly.  So you can translate into that particular language and earn money online through website like Go transcript and Rev where you can apply as a transcriber.

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