Beginners Guide: Affiliate Marketing! Through YouTube Short

Beginners Guide: Affiliate Marketing! Through YouTube Short

Now a days in this digital era way to earn money online has been also increased like technology. Now you can earn money online while sitting home. Uneducated people what think about this that they can’t make money online while sitting at home lmao :- & many of us are doesn’t familiar with making online money.

So today in this article we will know about Affiliate Marketing with help of YouTube Short Videos. Through which you can earn not 1k not 2k but millions, that too sitting at home.

You with the help of internet can make alot of money & today I’ll tell you about how to make money with affiliate marketing through youTube short videos.

But in affiliate marketing there is no any fix limits for earnings it’s totally depends upon you & you can earn alot  through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is quite simple and can monitor by everyone who familiar with internet & it is much beneficiary for blogger whose website rejected from AdSense approvals, they can monetize there website with affiliate product.

Note: Affiliate Marketing is much better that AdSense & this is experienced by only affiliate marketing master.

Today in this article we know What is Affiliate Marketing ? & How to use it ?  Read this post carefully if you really interested in earning through affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate refers to a person or organization officially attached to a larger body & Marketing refers to activities a corporation approach to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.
Do you know how affiliate marketing work?, Online stuff’s selling companies like Amzone, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, ClickBank etc. Have it’s own affiliate program people like us can join there program and start selling there product and get commission on per product sold commission for each product have distinct amount & this process is know as Affiliate Marketing.
If we wants to purchapse something we have two options either we buy online or go for offline shopping. And in this era nowadays online trends enrolled everywhere. Because everyone like to purchase any product online and as compared to offline product online product are also cheap. This is a reason companies which wants to get succeed there online stores they provide a affiliate program system such they can sell there product at maximum quantity. 
This is why online product selling companies provide affiliate program through which they can connect with many people & they pay commission through affiliate program.

How Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step?

If you what’s to accompanied by Affiliate Marketing then you need to join affiliate marketing programs. There are populous affiliate marketing available on internet. Join the affiliate program in which you really interested to sell that particular product.
Hindmost you need to generate affiliate link of that product you want to sell through that particular affiliate marketing program website.
And after generating your affiliate link then you can promote it from your website or blog or make a Channel and make Short Video about that product and upload it to YouTube Short & don’t forgot to give that affiliate link in Short Video description.
When somebody link your particular short video and Products they definitely check description for product details so if you will provide there that affiliate link the you will get commission when they purchase that product through your link.
For example, a salesman is given incentive i.e commission from the company to sell a product. Alternatively for selling any product with Affiliated link that makes a commission. If you have skill’s, ideas to sell a product then this affiliate marketing platform is a open source of money for you.
  • Affiliate Program
Company which give commission for there sold product. And they have a particular website through which people like us join there affiliate program. That’s online website are known as affiliate programs i.e Flipkart, Amzone, Snapdeal, eBay, ClickBank etc.
  • Affiliate Link
After joining affiliate marketing program, to sell products we first have to generate a link called affiliate link through which we can get commission and website track our affiliates account stats.
  • Affiliate
Blogger or a YouTube Creators who join that affiliate program website and earn commission they known as Affiliate.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India?

The biggest question arises “how to start affiliate marketing?” owing to the fact that you need to promote products. so that it can attain as many people as possible. And you can promote that product too, So now we are going to see that how can we do affiliate marketing.

  • YouTube

It is a best futurity money making source, because nowadays people more active on YouTube instead of google & this is a reason you can get higher traffic + targeted audiences. And you can promote your affiliate product.
  1. The equipment you use for making your YouTube video you can Affiliate that equipment and put the link in description.
  2. Make video on a particular product you wanna promote and upload it as YouTube Short Video or a long review video it’s depend on you.

  • Blogger
To do Affiliate Marketing blogging is next good source after youTube & many bloggers going affiliate marketing. And you can also make your own blog website and start affiliate marketing.
  1. You can join affiliate program according to your blog niches.
  2. You can create your own ideas, writing review about that particular product you wanna promote.
  3. You can also recommend visitor a particular product and then promote it.

  • WhatsApp

Nowadays everyone have a smartphone and definitely whatsapp also installed, so you can promote affiliate link on whatsapp too in many groups.
  1. Join Affiliate Marketing
  2. Create a group of people who interested in Online Shopping.
  3. Share Affiliate link of best deals product in that whatsapp groups.

  • Twitter

Twitter can also help you in affiliate marketing, here you can get higher traffic with targeted audiences. If yiu you have a good active followers on your Twitter you can promote affiliate link there.

  • Facebook or Facebook Group

Active Facebook users can do affiliate marketing through Facebook account create Facebook group about your product and connect or join interested people who love online shopping.

Most Important Points About Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

  • AdSense & Affiliate link can be used together.
  • Money Earned through Affiliate Marketing can transfer into your bank account.
  • Any one can join Affiliates Program there is no age limit & it’s totally free.
  • To do Affiliate Marketing it is not necessary to have a website, you should have ideas about how can promote a product that it can be sold.
  • Money (commission) are paid for only sold product in Affiliate Marketing.
  • To find Affiliate Program you should search on internet “amazon affiliate program, flipkart affiliate program 2021” etc.
Almost every website that provide Affiliate Program they give a link in footer, if they don’t provide Affiliate Program they don’t give link in footer.

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