Best Futurity Blogging Niche Ideas in 2021 | Peerless, Low Competitive & High Traffic


hat’s your Blog About? Is your blog niches fruitful, probably the most queries you’ll face when you tell someone that you’re a Blogger. and “profitable blog niches with low competition 2021”

Hey what’s up in this article I’ll tell you about futuristic Blogger Niches on which you should start working from today ” Delete the “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude from your life & see the Magic. Potential of that niches is Lucrative having low competition with high traffic volume that generates your site value & heed audience to your website.

On Google there you’ll find immeasurable Niches Ideas suggesting for job sites, wishing website, lyrics website moderately as soon as you follow them you realise that on that particular niches already number people working on it. If you’re a hang on things that that you are master of that particular niches then noone will beat you.

So let’s dig in & see low comparative niches with high traffic volume, Futurity Blogging Niche Ideas in 2021

After my experience of 10 year + I’m not gonna share you that’s start blog on this keywords having million of traffics, this much cpc keywords is this or sag it. I’m simply let you know some type of niches & few topics on with you can create a dedicated website or micro  niches website even you can work on it for long term.

Basically I randomised picked niche’s related to  Entertainment Technology & Affiliate Marketing.

blog niche ideas 2021
blog niche ideas 2021

For beginners,

What is Blog Niches?

A Blog Niches is a topic or a particular theme on which you’ll right on your blog or website. More unadorned “What’s Your Blog About?”
It’s so critical steps to opt your blog niches when you building you blog (beginning), it also most important factor whether your blog success (or failure) in Futurity.
If you wanna monetize your website choosing right niches that brings audience to your website and generate invoice through Google Adsense ” It’s seems like law of conservation of energy, here we work for bringing audience & that are converted into invoice” hahaha 🙂

Specify Best Topic for Blogging?

What’s the best topic for blogger?, That’s the million dollar question! If you ask the master of blogging gurus online, they’ll all tell you a bit different answer.
Somebody’ll say start writing what you know, and others point of view that pick blog niche in which you’re passionate about. You don’t need to be master but without knowledge nothing gonna happen “to ride a bike you have to know how bike engine work” similarly you should know something about that particular niches that you picked.
If you’re wanna make some money through blogging, so you need to be serious in this blogging field do more & more research about you particular niches, means choose a blog niche that havw low competition and have a large volume traffic that gonna make your website authority and invoice too.

What are Most Untouched Blog Profitable Niches?

Most profitable niche’s means not getting large volume of traffic in this case ” pause your mind and see adult site traffic volume and see there monetize policies, lmao no value of there traffic if they can’t monetize it with Google google AdSense.
So resume your mind and do more research about you niches see other ideas how they work and rebuild it in your own way. Profitable niche’s have some value that it pay you enormous amount of money in just low traffic.
Incongruously Way to Make your Blog Website Monetize :-
  • Affiliate Program – It is one of best way to monetize your blog, earn money while promoting other products and generate commission upto 15 % -18 % per sale.
  • Guest Post – It’s also a way to earn, giving others blogger to post there content on your blog & they pay for it.
  • Sponsored blog content – where you can earn a fee from a company (brand promotion) for writing a post that’s about them or on their products.
  • Sell online Course – give a opportunity to your readers to know how you work for making money (create your own e-book for selling) if your readers like work they definitely enroll in it.
  • Physical Products – selling your own products via dropshipping or creating a online store (e-commerce website) for selling your own products.
This all above program or resources are implemented by successful blogger, in beginning they also started with only one (Google Adsense) but when they started growing, implemented those above resources in a single website.

Best Blogging Niches to Make Money 2021

As above mentioned that three categories niches Entertainment | Technology | Affiliate Marketing


  • Web Series :- At this time if we see 2019 2020 2021 this year ott platform available i.e Netflix, Hotstar, Amzone Prime & so on, where alots of web series published & some people want to know about futuristic (upcoming web series) so you can make website about it.
  • TV series :- you can create content about tv series, upcoming update or happing & you can approve for google news and get hug traffic on it.
  • TV shows :- like Indian ideals, next planning for program or anything else, when where indian idol audition happen in TV shows.


  • Mobile Gaming :- is also a best futurity blogging niches this not gonna be stops, you can start in this as micro niche giving update about game version and equipment.
  • PC Gaming :- It is also one of best technology niches many game search on google how to download it for free you can work on it and publish at your blog, definitely traffic gonna boom your blog.
  • 5G Connectivity :- is a best futuristic micro niches and you can give update about upcoming connectivity.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Smart Phone Back Cover :- one of best futuristic micro niches cos we see there are many new version phone are available in market and people will definitely buy it’s back cover, as an affiliate blog will succeed.
  • Buds Review :- Earphone days are over present time we can see every brand companies bringing best buds, so you can get many content about it as an affiliate.
  • Drones :- Best Futuristic and High Commission paying micro blog niche, in upcoming days drones can we see in every hands, starting a micro niches on drones will be right decision at right time.

What do you think?

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