How to Check Gram Panchayat Fund Online – Panchayat Fund 2021

How to Check Gram Panchayat Fund Online
How to Check Gram Panchayat Fund Online


What is Gram Panchayat and How Does it Work?

A Gram Panchayat is a local government institution in India that is charged with various developmental tasks. It has a system of elected ward members who help it with the task of raising funds, planning development, and monitoring implementation.

The gram panchayats are largely responsible for running the systems of rural development, which includes education, health care, drinking water supply and sanitation. The panchayats are meant to have a strong link between the state government and the villages to provide effective governance in rural areas.

The Gram Panchayats were established as per the 73rd Amendment Act (1993) to bring about greater decentralization in India’s governance structure.

What is the Minimum Amount of the Gram Panchayat Fund to be Transferred?

The Gram Panchayat Fund is the fund that is collected from the panchayat. The purpose of this fund is for the development of rural areas and for use by the panchayats.

The minimum amount that needs to be transferred from the gram panchayat fund to other government departments will be Rs 56,400 per annum.

Rayalaseema and Andhra Pradesh are in different states, so we need to follow each state’s rules on how much needs to be transferred out of their gram panchayat fund.

How to Check Your Gram Panchayat Fund Online?

Gram Panchayat fund is a common fund which the people of a village get together in order to contribute. This fund is used for various things like constructing buildings, roads, bridges and public parks.

The Gram Panchayat fund can be checked online from official websites or other third party websites like :



If you have your own account with the bank and are able to access your account online, then you can easily check your current balance and make transfers.

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