how to overcome procrastination and laziness

It’s critical to excel at what you do, but you should also leave room for error. You won’t be able to hole-in-one all the balls like a toddler learns to walk. That’s all right.

Tim Ferriss allowed himself two worthless pages per day. The number of pages (maximum two) and the permission to not be perfect were both defined by this micro-dedication.

You can follow suit. “Can I do five minutes of labour here that turns out to be superfluous in the end?” you might wonder.

Ironically, it’s the lack of pressure to be perfect that makes your work so amazing. It’s the key to allowing for mistakes and allowing for creative expression that doesn’t have to go through the quality control process.

If you utilise this great delay prevention method, you will see a significant difference very immediately. The transition occurs as a result of gaining momentum, and after a few weeks or months, it makes a significant difference. The trick is to begin devoting yourself again today to small things that you will almost certainly say “yes” to.

Now pick something you’ve been putting off and make micro-dedications to help you get started. Just enough to get you started and see what type of magic arises from the modest victories that pave the path for your big break.