Anti-postpone formula

The action formula is simple: ask yourself if you can commit to a micro-dedication.

Because a micro-dedication is so modest and straightforward, you’re more likely to say “yes” even if you don’t feel like it.

“What if I take two minutes to clean the desk alone?” a lady who has put off cleaning the house might think. Isn’t it as if it doesn’t appear to accomplish anything? But something inside her shifts, prompting her to take further action.

We’re all aware of it. It’s possible that you’re not in the mood for anything. But once you’ve started, it’ll take care of itself. The key is to take little moves that get us moving rather than waiting for inspiration. Then think to yourself, “Could I do more?”

Let’s look at how this simple technique might help you deal with the four main causes of procrastination: fear, surprise, insecurity, and perfectionism.