Types of Agriculture in India: Top 10 Major types of Farming

Types of agriculture in India
Types of agriculture in India

Types Of Agriculture :  Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in India and anywhere in the world.  We cannot imagine a world without agriculture.  Therefore, it is necessary to know the importance of different types of agriculture in India. We can say that agriculture is equal to farmers, and agriculture is incomplete without farmers.

{ Important NoticeFarmers are the pillars of the Agricultural Industry. So Support Farming & save this beautiful nature because we don’t have another Place to Live }

The average growth of Agriculture Production in India is 86.14 Billion Ruppee from 1991 to 2021, And in 2019 the highest production in the agriculture industry which was 284.83 Billion Ruppee in March, and in 1991 the lowest growth rate of production were 4.95 Billion Ruppee in October. The prepared Indian agricultural food is exported to more than 120 countries. As per resources in 2020 India ranks 74th out of 113 countries in Agricultural Industries. The Indian food and grocery placed 6th ranked all over the world.

Farmers can produce a variety of foods, using different types of farming techniques. But these Farming technique depends upon various aspects such as types of soil, weather conditions, available resource, and many more…

For instance – Black Soil is known as black cotton because it is generally use for cultivating cotton, And it is also use for growing groundnuts, citrus fruit, tomatoes, tobacco, rice, wheat, sugarcane and many more, In India Black Soil is generally found in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andra Pradesh, and Gujarat states.

So, if you want to gain knowledge about agriculture field then you must have ideas and know the various types of farming in India.

Top 10 Types of Agriculture in India

1. Commercial Agriculture

The purpose of the method of commercial agriculture is to sell agriculture and animal husbandry in the commercial market. Commercial farming requires a large number of areas. In India, this type of agriculture is mainly done in urban areas like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat.

Types of agriculture
Commercial Agriculture


  • Contribute to the development of local communities.
  • Works:
  • Reduce production և production costs.
  • Improve food safety և increase productivity.
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Earn foreign currency.


  • Land holiday.
  • It is tough for novices.
  • Plants can be planted.
  • Natural disasters.

2. Dry farming

Dryland Farming is also known as dry farming. It consumes a moderate amount of water in the soil and without an additional water supply. Soil moisture is low in dry land cultivation. In India, similar work is commonly done in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.
Dry farming
Dry farming


  • The expanded transient benefits for farmers. 
  • Expansion in crop production. 
  • Expansion in soil natural matter. 
  • Decline soil disintegration. 
  • Improve dryland agribusiness’ drawn out feasibility and usefulness.


  • The issue is the creation of the yield in dry land. 
  • Deficient and unequal conveyance of precipitation. 
  • Late passage and early finish of downpours. 
  • Broaden the term of Dry spells during the yield time frame. 
  • Modest dampness control limit. 
  • Modest Fertility of Soils.

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