What is Cryptocurrency? | Investing in BitCoin is Profitable

What is Cryptocurrency?

Moving ahead in this fast Digital world, Currency has also taken the form of Digital and this Digital Currency itself is called Cryptocurrency used worldwide i.e Bitcoin, you must know about it, it’s a high-priced Crypto currency (1 Bitcoin = $48,970.00, 27 August 2021), 

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In this Article you will vanished your Queries, You know Crypto Currency is a Virtual Currency’s which were introduced in 2009 & 1st most popular coin was Bitcoin. Crypto Currency is not such as Coins or Real Notes means we can’t hold it or put in our pocket as like Real Notes & Coins but it save in our Digital Wallet so this reason you can call it Online Currency because it’s exist on-line only. 
Friends, you must have known that in our country India rupee and other countries currency in Dollars, Euro, Pounds is controlled by the Government, But there is no such control over a virtual currency like bitcoin. On this Crypto currency there is no control of government authorities like Central Bank or any other countries Bank, it means bitcoin don’t follow traditional banking system, Rather this it transfer computer digital wallet to another wallet.
Yes it is not that only bitcoin is the only crypto currency but alternatively there are 5000+ cryptocurrencies & and some popular cryptocurrencies are :-
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • LiteCoin (LTC)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Tether (USDt)
  • Libra(LIB)
You people can invest in them and you can buy and sell them like bitcoins. This is also true that right now the most popular coin is only Bitcoin and you will realize it’s power when you know that all biggest MNC and Pvt companies worldwide are accepting Bitcoin. And as this company moves forward, all food, shopping, ticket booking, and much more can be done with crypto currency using bitcoin, which will make our work easier.
Slowly in India, but bitcoin is becoming a popular form of payment in India, It had to be an illegal reason to be slow because crypto currency was banned in India by RBI.  But now in March 2020, the Supreme Court has removed this ban. That is, it has become legal to use CryptoCurrency in India.  And that is why the users of Crypto Currency have started increasing in India too.
Another reason why bitcoin is not becoming increasingly popular in India like other countries.  Our egg mindset is that if we want to invest then we should do it in FD, Share, and Gold.  There are no mistakes, but the advantage of investing in new Digital wolds in new ways is different & profitable i.e In this you can easily do transactions and with this the Internation Transactions can be completed in speedy and in this the transaction fee has to be paid very less in which no middle person is involved and is very secure.
And then Bitcoin is not new concept, Even big companies like Facebook, Paypal, Amzone, Walmart are associated with Crypto Currency, and then Elon Musk who is the richest person in the world today. Personality like Jack Dorcy, Mike Tyson, Kanye West are also use cryptocurrency.  Countries like USA Chain, Japan, Spain and Romania have the largest number of crypto currency users.  Now after knowing this much, if you are also thinking of investing in Bitcoin, then it is very easy to use crypto currency as well.
Staring with Coinswitch, WazirX, CoinCDX, Binance, you can invest in bitcoin in a single click. It is as easy as like ordering product from Amazon. This app has million of users, you must be thinking that the price of bitcoin will be expensive, so how can I buy it.  So friends, the good thing is that even though the price of bitcoin is now 32 lakhs, it is increasing rapidly, but by using this app, you can start investment by investing 100 rupees and no transaction fee will have to be paid in it.
Here you should also know that the price of Bitcoin keeps on changing rapidly according to it’s demand fluctuates with infinitesimals.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest Today

These are the Top 15 largest trading crypto coins capitalization as chase by CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency data and analytics provider.
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Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization
Bitcoin $902.70B
Ethereum $373.65B
Cardano $90.88B
Binance Coin $80.31B
Tether $65.53B
Ripple $52.89B
Solana $29.13B
PolkaDot $24.81B
LiteCoin $11.56B
Polygon $8.99B
TRON $6.24B
Monero $5.18B
Aave $4.70B
Neo $3.74B
Kusama $2.49B

How to Create CoinSwitch Kuber Account? Is it Safe?

Friends, if you want to buy crypto currency in India through bank account or through UPI, then you can do it in coinswitch app, in this you get to see 100+ CryptoCurrency along with Bitcoin in which you can do trading and investing.  And the most important thing here you get zero brokerage fee. I also used it, its interface is simple, easily you can trade in it.
Is Coinswitch kuber safe for investors?, It is trustfully safe cos it not store your funds in the 3rd parties person, in app only you buy sell or exchange coin in real-time. However, since the exchange is unsuppressed, it is not completely safe for capitalist.
Note :- Create your account through this like and get 100 ₹ free Bonus 

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