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Silo Structure for SEO, before moving forward, it is important to know What is SEO ? and how it helps to rank the website. 

What is Silo Structure in SEO ?

Newbies Blogger didn’t know about SEO and continue the same mistake that they do earlier and never get succeed in blogging field, so definitely you also a Newbie here to know what is Silo Structure and how to create it in your website, before knowing that first know What is SEO and How it help you to Rank your website in Google.

SEO stand for search engine optimization. SEO is a step the factor or helping hand for website or a piece of contents to rank giantly in google search engine.

The tonality between SEO and advertising through money known as paid advertisement through AdWords or another platform, that SEO means “Organic” ranking which means you don’t have to pay to get traffic to your website.

In simple, search engine optimization means boosting a bit of online contents at higher when someone search for something in google search engines, by optimizing it through Google search engine optimization.

“How it work” Look it’s ways ‘when you or anyone else wanna know anything like if you wanna make cake or any recipe like Hot Dogs With Pineapple Bacon Relish you will see in google search results there are so many website that tutor how to make Hot Dogs With Pineapple Bacon Relish in different ways but you will click to first website link (mainly). That’s how SEO work first website on which you link has higher authority than other websites’.

Let’s go deeply break it down even further; The generality online suffering begin with a tool or a search engine like Google. It’s a fact too that 70% + of searches enroll with Google Search Engine.

To better recognize ‘how you can rank your website higher in google search engine’ first you need to understand ‘how search work’.

The conclusive goal of this article is to help you better imaginable the apprehensive of search so you can optimize your content to rank top on Google and get more audit on your posts.

Hope you imagine the work of SEO how it work 🙂 

Now Let’s know,

What is Silo Structure?

What is Silo Structure?
Definition:- Set apart (a host, activity, unit) from each other.
A silo structure is the best way in SEO to organize content on a certain topic.
Silo Structure modified website help user and google search engine to understand it clearly. A Better Understanding means a better results.

Silo Structure will make Google crawlers work easy to understand it and index it fast & rank your website higher.
If Silo Structure is not done properly, google crawlers will not able to recognize your website properly, SEO authority will not go alone throughout your pages and struggle to index in google search engine.
On the twists side, if you’ve correctly assembled your website’s content, your website will see enormous advantages such as:
  • Fast Indexing ( Increased in Crawlers Budget).
  • Home Page will Build alots of profitable authority.
  • Host page authority will spread to all linked page that are difficult to build link too.
  • Website will be more relevant to the niches and optimize better search results.
  • Your website look Better users experience and visitors eye-catching.
Silo Structure Example

How to Shape a Silo Structure?

A Silo Structure for Search Engine Optimization involved a host page on a specific niche & a pilo page that have content related to that specific niche.
Here at KlientBoost, we use a silo structure to arrange our website.


  • Local SEO
  • SEO Consulting
  • Professional SEO
  • Video SEO
  • Site/Penalty Assessment
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
The URLs should also follow this arrangement!

This type of arrangement can be done for particular products, services, locations, industries, demographics, blog posts and more.

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